Welcome to Conflict and Security Research Group

The Conflict & Security Research Group (ConSec) is a multi-disciplinary forum of academic exchange for students and faculty whose academic interests lie within the broad field of conflict and security studies. The topics covered by the research group include, but are not restricted to, ethnic and ideological civil wars, political violence, peace-building, third party intervention, conflict management, ethnic politics, Diasporas and migration, nationalism, identity and foreign policy.

The group welcomes new members who are working in any of these or other areas that fall into the broad scope of conflict & security. The ConSec convenes regularly to discuss the ongoing research of its members with a view toward enhancing research productivity and high-profile publications; the group is also open to other forms of academic exchange, including invited talks by guest speakers, discussion of new books and articles, screening of documentaries, or public debates on ongoing developments in the field of conflict and security, and so on. The ultimate aim of these meetings is to help its members improve the quality of their work and to promote collaborative research projects among students across disciplinary boundaries.