Third Parties and Ethnic Conflict: The Impact of Transnational Actors on Ethnic Civil Wars

This workshop brings together notable scholars in the field of international relations and ethnic conflict to present individual and team research projects on the topic of third party intervention in sub-state conflicts waged along sectarian lines.  This workshop is designed as a follow-up to an earlier workshop held in Uppsala, Sweden in May 2012, when leading scholars of quantitative and qualitative approaches to ethnic conflict convened to share their research on the causes and dynamics of internecine disputes. Many of the same invitees to the Uppsala Conference will convene again at a conference in Budapest, with the aim of presenting the results of their research on the impact of the international system on the propensity of groups to engage in internecine struggles.  The Budapest workshop explicitly invites its attendees to use quantitative analysis to explores ways in which third parties (foreign, sometimes kin, state governments, cross-border ethnic groups, diaspora organizations, NGOs and IGOs) militarily or diplomatically intervene in such conflicts, what happens when they intervene, and what are the conditions under which such interventions exacerbate as opposed to mitigate the violence surrounding such struggles to transform them into the normal day-to-day contentious politics of advanced democracies.

We are grateful for generous support from the CEU Center on Conflict, Negotiation and Recovery and the CEU Academic Event Fund.