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Jacob Aronson, Paul Huth, Mark Lichbach, and Kiyoung Chang 

From Escalation to Rebel Collapse: Explaining the Varied Outcomes to Low-Level Insurgencies


Nicholas Barker

From Civil War to Pseudo Peace: Explaining Variation in Transitions from War to Peace


Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham, Erin K. Jenne and Stephen M. Saideman

Emerging Diasporas: Exploring Mobilization Outside the Homeland


Kristin M. Bakke

Acceptance and Resistance to Foreign Ideas: Transnational Insurgents’ Impact on the Chechen Separatists


Erika Forsberg and Niklas Karlen

Bombs to Brethren, Cannons to Comrades: Kinship Ties and External Rebel Support


Artak Galyan

Political Institutions, Ethnic Diversity and Political Violence in Divided Societies: a Conjunctural Perspective


Erin Jenne, Milos Popovic, and Levente Littvay

Nested Security as a Prerequisite for Effective Third Party Conflict Mediation


Sara McLaughlin Mitchell

Cross-Border Troubles? Interstate River Conflicts and Intrastate Violence


Will H. Moore

Protest, Violence, or Both? Minority Groups's Tactical Choice, Endogenous to Government Coercion


Natalia A. Peral

Riding the Tide of Post-War Reconstruction in Bosnia: Jajce and Bugojno between 1995-2012


Milos Popovic

Intervention Gone Wrong: When Rebels Turn Against Their State Sponsors?


Darya Pushkina and Stefan Wolff

Mission possible? Explaining Success and Failure of UN Interventions in Civil War Settings


Idean Salehyan and Anna Batta

Ethnic Discrimination and Conflict after Secession


Monica Duffy Toft and Yuri Zhukov

Islamists and Nationalists: Rebel Motivation and Counterinsurgency in Russia’s North Caucasus


Brandon Valeriano

Classifying the Ethnic and the Intrastate Dimensions of Dyadic and Complex Interstate Wars