Milos Popovic

Visiting Lecturer
Vigyazo Ferenc u. 2
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Milos is a PhD student at the CEU Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations, International Relations track. He received his BA from Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, and his MA degree from Central European University, International Relations and European Studies department. Milos' research interests encompass the relationship between external governments and rebel movements, cohesion and fragmentation of militant groups, violence in civil war, civil-military relations in developing countries, ethnic conflict and cooperation in the kin state-minority-host state triangle, border studies and political regimes. In his PhD dissertation, Milos examines the conditions under which externally supported rebels turn against their state sponsors by unpacking the notion of rebel ‘defection’ into defiance, desertion, and assault. Milos' supervisor is Matteo Fumagalli, and Erin Jenne and Paul Roe are members of his supervisory panel. Milos is a member of the Conflict and Security (CONSEC) research group at CEU.

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Civil war; Military intervention; Rebel movements; Ethnic conflict; Territorial conflict; Violence in civil war; Balkans; Kashmir; Central Asia
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Russian (advanced)
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Hungarian (Beginner)
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Arabic (Beginner)
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